Bice Benvenuto  (Co-ordinator MV-UK)


Catherine Dolto (Paris)

The emergency of the subject and the early representation of       l'image inconsciente du corps through haptonomic         antenatal affective contact.

Lionel Bailly (UCL)

What holds the body together?

Inge-Martine Pretorius  (The Anna Freud Centre)

Observing, Playing and Supporting Development: Anna Freud’s Toddler Development Groups

An approach to working therapeutically with parents and toddlers in groups as practiced at The Anna Freud Centre.

Nathalie Levallois (Paris)

The Body Image of Autistic Children

Through examples from my work, I will present thoughts and hypotheses about the body image of an autistic person. Comparing different approaches from Dolto to Post Kleinians.

Final Discussion

Unconscious Images of the Body

Freud's Museum, London NW3


Rachel Emily Taylor

Heritage as Process: Constructing the Historical Child’s Voice Through Art Practice.

Emily Cooper

Film Maker: Emergence

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