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Since there is no hydraulic mountain bike brakes using DOT 5 fluid we won't worry too much about it. high performance brake fluid is recommended for use in the hydraulic brake and clutch systems of all cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles for which a non-petroleum based fluid is specified.

For this reason EBC Brakes do not sell large containers of brake fluid which have a definite shelf life and prefer to sell only in smaller bottles so that the fluids can remain sealed until used thus minimising waste. You will be the importer of record and responsible for any import VAT and duty that needs to be paid.This is where I'm going to give you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each brake fluid as I see them. This level of focus coupled with a constant program of development since 1970, ensures the world's finest products are always available for your machine. Clearly the manufacturers have a vested interest in recommending and insisting that consumers use only there oil and to be fair why wouldn't they? SILICONE BRAKE FLUID is a premium quality, fully synthetic silicone brake fluid designed for use where DOT 5 Silicone brake fluids are required. Without it, or without enough if it, the forces you apply at the brake lever would not be transferred to the caliper, pads and rotor.

It is not uncommon to find glycol fluids containing up to 13 or 14% water which corrodes internal steel parts in your brake system and will promote early brake fade under heavy brake use. Due to its hydrophobic properties it has a very long life-span meaning low maintenance and fewer fluid changes.Note that these are the minimum boiling temperatures as outlined by the Department of Transportation and do no always reflect the true boiling points of the different brands of DOT fluid on the market today. If at any point you feel you have introduced bubbles into the fluid the general recommendation given is to let the car sit for several hours or overnight to allow the bubbles to come out of suspension. And, never, ever do anything that carries the slightest risk of getting traces of mineral oil in the system, such as using penetrating oil on hydraulic unions or bleed nipples, as it only needs a trace to destroy all the seals in the system.

The likes of Shimano and Magura have no doubt spent a lot of time and money refining their proprietary Mineral Oil brake fluids so you can understand why there is a degree of secrecy on the subject. Both very different in their make-up, and with their own set of characteristics but ultimately performing the same role. It is also favoured by some owners of classic cars for vehicles which may also rarely be used on the roads. Eastern Western Motor Group Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for credit broking and insurance distribution activities under reference number 310505 – we are a credit broker not a lender. As we've learnt, water mixed with DOT fluid has an adverse effect on the brake fluid by reducing its boiling temperature and therefore reducing its performance.It does make perfect commercial sense and does allow them to maintain quality control standards so I can completely understand there point of view and stance on the matter. Let's remember that the Department of Transportation specify the minimum wet boiling point of DOT brake fluids after absorbing only 3. Purple in colour and sometimes referred to as 'synthetic brake fluid', DOT 5 is not compatible with any of the glycol-ether based DOT fluids that we've been focusing our attention on so far.

However, when water accumulates in the brake system over time, and it is not absorbed by the brake fluid, in theory it could create pockets of water which could boil in extreme circumstances. Rust and corrosion are inhibited because moisture is kept out of the system and the high boiling point of 260 degrees C is maintained throughout the life of the product therefore ensuring consistent, safe performance.

Most of you will know that hydraulic brakes are designed to use one of two main types of brake fluid - DOT fluid or Mineral Oil, and which one you pick is not a choice made by you or me, but rather by the brake manufacturers themselves. DOT brake fluid is required to meet strict standards and specifications set out by the Society of Automotive Engineers and the Department of Transportation (DOT) - hence the name. It has a super-high boiling point to keep brakes sharp and fade-free and will perform well on the longest, nastiest of Alpine descents. This water content finds its way into the brake fluid via microscopic pores in brake hoses, seals, joints and seams.

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