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Lille asks Shunsui if he thought he could harm him at close-range, only for Shunsui to reveal that he already did as more than half of Lille's rifle falls off.

When Shunsui explains why, Starrk further notes that Shunsui is obviously ambidextrous and that he is stronger with his left hand than his right, therefore Starrk does not quite believe his excuse for his supposed lack of using his short sword. As Nanao begins battling Lille, Shunsui expresses how he always blamed himself for the misfortune of those around him and for the burden placed upon him by his loved ones before asking Nanao to forgive him for taking charge of Shinken Hakkyōken once more. Chad politely asks the captain to move out the way as he himself would also like to avoid the fight. Though Shunsui and his brother did not really get along, living with his brother became more comfortable, and Shunsui would visit him often. Immense Endurance: Shunsui possesses tremendous levels of stamina and endurance, remaining able to move around and fight as he usually does even after being shot multiple times by Lille Barro's Quincy: Vollständig.They also remind Kyōraku that even Yamamoto tried to teach him and stopped after one day, fearing his potential. After entering the Heavenly Realm, she got into a lot of trouble because of her unrestrained personality, but later on, she broke Shaodian Youqin's demons and helped him complete his training. They engage in a few mutual attacks, then Starrk uses Sonído to get closer to Ukitake and explains what he has learned of his ability.

It quickly sold out, partially due to there being less copies released than similar collections by the other captains. He and Ukitake are the oldest captains among the Gotei 13, with the exception of Retsu Unohana and Yamamoto himself.When Nanao reveals that she has decided to accept the curse and that the one she loves will find it ridiculous as well, Shunsui smiles and gives it to her. Starrk confirms, but completely denies it can do anything else when Shunsui asks whether it's capable of more.

Shunsui is a peace-loving man who will always try to talk his way out of battles, though he does not wish to insult opponents by refusing to fight. He was also able to withstand a Cero at point-blank range from Starrk in his released form without any noticeable injuries.

Moodiness: Shunsui cannot use Katen Kyōkotsu to its fullest extent until the Zanpakutō spirit herself is in the mood for battle. Shunsui is also playable as an alternate-universe version of himself introduced as part of the Bleach: Spirits Are Forever With You tie-in event who gained a power beyond Bankai, causing him to gain an enlarged version of Katen's headdress over his midsection, intersecting and symmetrical large bones composed of pink Reiatsu behind his back, and a patchwork extension to his captain's haori also composed of pink Reiatsu. At one point, Shunsui found his brother receiving a hairpin from Nanao's mother and noted that he has mellowed out in his old age, only to be informed that this was the kindness of Nanao's mother at work.

Liu Ning stated that the series insisted on using original voice performances and did not use voice actors. Shunsui reveals himself from having used his Kageoni technique, stating Aizen is careless as there is a shadow on the ice. He then takes notice of the fight between Rangiku Matsumoto, Momo Hinamori and Tier Harribel's Fracción, asking Starrk if they should also put on a show.When Yamamoto decides to take Aizen and the other defected former captains out of the equation so that the Espada could be dealt with first, Shunsui yells for Ukitake to get down when he realizes the Captain-Commander is releasing his Shikai. After Lille reforms himself with a new, owl-like head, Shunsui notes with exasperation that even blowing up his head did not work before dodging a massive blast from Lille. The Central 46 are outraged as they fear Zaraki's power becoming far too great, pointing out the devastation that could be unleashed on Soul Society if he revolted. When Aizen and his army invade the Fake Karakura Town, Shunsui asks Ukitake who he believes is the strongest of the Espada. The Zanpakutō makes the rules, and anyone who steps within the boundaries of its spiritual pressure is forced to play by those rules, including Shunsui himself.

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